P&O Drink Menus & Price List

edited May 2018 in P&O Australia

Below are copies of the P&O Drink Menu Price Lists for Australia & New Zealand Cruises.

Cocktail Menu Price List

Beer & Wine Price List

Pantry Bar Price LIst

Who is now thirsty???!!!

*Please note that prices may have changed since this was printed.


  • RosW

    Hi All,

    Is anyone able to advise roughly how much a coffee costs on a P&O Cruise? I am heading out ona weeks' cruise departing 4 Jan 18, and trying to work out if the $19.90 Refreshments Drinks Package is worth it. I don;t drink soft drinks, but would likley drink 2 or 3 barista coffees a day, and maybe a mocktail or two. And the bottled water, although may get the room water package.

    We've already decided the alcoholic drink packages would not be good value for us


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