Repositioning Cruises

Anthem of the Seas

Repositioning Cruises are when cruise liners need to relocate a ship to a different region for the start or the end of a new cruise season. These types of cruises can be a great way to get from one part of the world to another whilst still enjoying all the benefits and onboard facilities of a traditional cruise at sea.

Food & Wine Cruises Australia

Food & Wine Cruise

P&O Cruises are specialists in offering the Best Food & Wine Cruises from Australia and New Zealand ports. These 3 and 4 night cruises from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth are perfect short cruises to escape the hustle and bustle of city living, combined with an educational experience.

Europe River Cruises

River Cruise Europe

River Cruises are a great way to experience cruising life but on a smaller scale compared to a traditional cruise ship experience. Usually more intimate and less crowded you will find some of the best river cruises in Europe with destinations including Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary.

Easter Cruises

With the Silly Season all but wrapped up, it's time to start planning for Easter! Not only is it a religious celebration, it's also one of the biggest and most anticipated long weekends of the year. The Easter 2018 long weekend is no exception, and the perfect period in which you could fit in your long awaited cruising holiday! Whether you're a first timer or seasoned cruiser you'll need to book early as cabins will be selling fast. Our guide below gives you a good snapshot of the cruises available for Easter. But first, let's start with the dates - when is Easter?

Cruises for Singles

Girl on a Ship

Cruising as a Single can be a very rewarding experience, and not as lonely as some people would think. With so much to do onboard you will never be bored or feel alone. You can decide whether you want to meet new people or simply go your own way. Either way, it can be a far more adventurous holiday than spending it at a single destination.

Cruises for Seniors


There are a large range of Seniors Cruises to suit all tastes, special needs and budgets. Seniors have long enjoyed the benefits of cruising compared to airline travel, however with so much choice how do you choose between the number of cruises on offer?

Comedy Cruises

Comedy Cruise

Comedy Cruises are a popular choice for first time cruisers and those wanting a quick getaway. Comedy Cruises from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Cairns and Perth can be taken over a 3 or 4 night departure.

With a big line up of talented Comedians, Cruisers will be entertained with an exclusive adults only Sit Down Comedy Club or by participating in comedy workshops.

All Inclusive Cruises


Taking an All Inclusive Cruise is a fantastic option for Cruisers who want to keep a check on their spending. While most cruises are not all inclusive, there are a number of different cruise packages available to suit budget conscience travellers.