Can I bring drinks onboard P&O?

Guests boarding a P&O Cruises ship may bring a maximum of 12 canned drinks loosely packed in carry-on luggage. These requirements will be strictly enforced with all luggage being X-rayed on embarkation.

Please note that you are unable to bring Alcohol on any P&O ship. Any alcohol found in your luggage on embarkation it will be returned to you at the end of your cruise.

The details and prices on the P&O Beverage Packages can be found on our website and when speaking to your cruise consultant.

Guests may NOT in any circumstance bring the following

  • Slabs / Cartons of canned drinks.
  • Plastic and glass bottled drinks whether they are opened or unopened. This also includes bottles of water.
  • Tetra pack drinks which includes fruit juice poppers.

What drinks you can and cannot bring onboard P&O

*The information on this page is accurate as of May 2019 and is subject to change. For the most up to date information and rules please refer to the P&O website.

Yes No
Cans of Juice - Loosley packed Any Alcohol eg. Wine, Beer, Spirits
Cans of Soft Drinks (eg. Coke, Fanta) - Loosley packed Glass or Plastic Bottles of Soft Drink (eg. Coke, Fanta)
Cans of Energy Drinks (eg. Redbull) - Loosley Packed Plastic or Glass Bottles of Energy Drinks
Cans of Soda Water - Loosley Packed Water in Plastic or Glass Bottles
Soda Water