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Formally known as the "Dawn Princess" as part of the Princess fleet, P&O's newest ship the "Pacific Explorer" has been given a new life with an exciting renovation. The ship carries 1998 passengers over 11 decks.
The ships features dual waterslides, a "Walk the Plank" experience", and a lawn bowls green. Unlike the rest of the P&O Fleet, Explorer has 2 "adults only" areas complete with plunge pools for those looking for some peace and quiet! The two main pools are child friendly where kids are free to roam and play.

Pacific Explorer Dress Code

As expected on P&O Daytime is casual and evenings call for smart casual dress. Themed parties could include the popular Bianco White Party, Gatsby or the Back to School theme. All 3 themes are optional dress code.

P&O - Pacific Explorer Reviews

Kellie Edwards travelled in December, 2019 and left the following review:
We spent 10 lovely nights on the explorer
Joy Walden travelled in September, 2019 and left the following review:
This boat was smaller than some but just perfect. Our cabin was on level 6, it was very quiet. We were very happy with cabin. We ate at the buffet and three included restaurants. The food was awesome. The entertainment was fantastic as were the trivia and other on board activities. I also enjoyed the gym classes. Id highly recommend this cruise
Susan travelled in August, 2019 and left the following review:
An enjoyable few days away. My first time on P & O. A comedy cruise. We didn’t see any performances as they were held in a small room where not many people could get in!! Staff were lovely. Room was great. Definitely new beds needed! Food in the Waterfront restaurant was beautiful. The Pantry food was just ok. Generally a great time overall!
Cathy Daniels travelled in July, 2019 and left the following review:
Beautiful ship Awesome crew, waiters Bruno and Reymond were standouts so friendly and went out of their way to make our dining experience amazing. Food was awesome . Our cabin stewards were fantastic and we were very grateful for their assistance. Entertainment crew kept us laughing, loved the tutu dance off. My only complaint would be my shore tour in Lifou. I wanted to do vanilla plantation as my main goal was to purchase some vanilla products. Decided on cliff of johin tour which was great but we were unable to purchase any products as we didn’t go to vanilla house on this tour which is the only place on the island that sells the products, although description write up clearly stated we could buy products, so to us this tour was a waste and we left very disappointed. Tried to speak to tour desk but was always closed when we tried. All in all we had an amazing time and can’t wait to book our next holiday.
Jen travelled in May, 2019 and left the following review:
I’d been in a cruise before and saw lots of comedians, musicians and various things. This was a comedy cruise and very minimal limited shows and not even repeated shows so if you missed it one night as you booked dinner then too bad. Making dinner bookings was only recommended not necessary and morning of day 1 and all I could book was 1 dinner on the last night the rest were booked out already so had to eat from the crappy bar most times instead or pay a lot for an ok meal. My cruise contact called me asking if I had all my documents and to make sure I was ready. Well she called me as the boat was leaving the Doc and we travelled 4 hours to get to the boat so too darn bad if I didn’t have it all.
no stars at all travelled in April, 2019 and left the following review:
The first night in my cabin a disaster air conditioner in ceiling loose making a noise so loud I could not sleep I knew there was a blockage called down that night no answer when down stairs and laid down on outer deck and had a snooze the next day they the crew sent a crew member looking like a maintenance guy I told him to service the filters because that is why it was vibrating so loud he came back that day my second day interfering with my holiday I am requesting a refund for that evening from the travel agent then they can deal with P and O the opening for the air con was not sealed or secured after maintenance it did not have a secure screw installed hence it still rattled I tried to stop the rat-tell it just fell off then I discovered the maintenance guy had stuffed the line with sponge rubber I was disgusted this would create a fire hazard it was a little better but had to use ear plugs .Please advise this is a legit complaint thank you for asking level 9 cabin 9070
C&J travelled in February, 2019 and left the following review:
P&O staff are extremely friendly and helpful. Our cabin was small but comfortable and very clean. Overall an enjoyable cruise. One of the negative points for us was the food. If you like more traditional plain food this is NOT the ship for you. The other negative point was the layout of the theatre. It is small and the seats are not spaced or raised enough as it is difficult to see over anyone sat in front of you. We gave up going in to watch the shows. We booked through a Cruise Republic. Excellent company. Have used them for many years and can thoroughly recommend them.
Emma travelled in February, 2019 and left the following review:
I would not recommend going on this ship to anyone, Deck 12 was dirty all the time, the rooms were tiny for 4 and had no room for suitcases, bar staff were unfriendly and would hardly ever get your drink and return it. I used to love P&O as I have cruised 3 times with them on The Pearl, but the Pacific Explorer has now ruined my family and myself’s confidence crusing with P&O, nor did we get our onboard spending money. Overall not a great experience and won’t be returning to P&O instead I’ll go for another cruise liner.
Penny travelled in December, 2018 and left the following review:
THank you cruise guys, the price was great for a New Years cruise, sad to report the food was the worst part, and all desserts in the pantry tasted the same- no flavour. The staff were friendly. However apart from a couple of shows that were included in the price. A few shows ( the best we were told) you had to pay for. When we decided to pay, it was all booked out and they didn't run it again. In the night time if you weren't the partying type, there was nothing to do but go to the casino as they had more promotions on. This was my 8th cruise with P & O... gone down hill dramatically
First Timer travelled in December, 2018 and left the following review:
Pacific Explorer HQ did not engage the children; disappointing; otherwise, it was great
Fawzia travelled in December, 2018 and left the following review:
One of the best holiday!! Definitely will do it again...
Carolyn travelled in September, 2018 and left the following review:
It was pure luxury. Our balcony room was Mid Deck 12 and it was so quiet and peaceful and a joy to open the windows and get the beautiful sea breeze. It was kept spotless and tidy by our attentive room steward. The food choices were fantastic. All the lounging areas were luxuriously appointed. We were never short of entertainment as there was always something to do. This was our first cruise and we are already planning our next.
Cabin a good size but torn and stained sofa and Tatty bed linen pulled it down, I have photos. Insufficient advice re the cruise travelled in August, 2018 and left the following review:
Insufficient advice on the cruise beforehand, as to the standards on the ship. Only one night was "cocktail", the others were "smart casual". which translated to- t shirts and thongs in the restaurants, even down to caps being worn. The food in the "PANTRY" was usually cold ( poached eggs etc)and not of a good standard. The decor in the other restaurants was of good quality but again let down by the food served(50%). Children in bars of an evening and not constrained by parents. (Blue Room) Cabin great size but marred by worn and stained furnishings, tatty bed linen. Cabin crew seemed over worked so, just OK. But I must applaud the priority boarding, and the disembarkation which was fault free. Entertainment was mediocre, maybe that is a reflection on pricing.
Vicki and David Stanford travelled in July, 2018 and left the following review:
The variety and quality of food in the buffet ‘The Panrty’ was disappointing. I was surprised that they did not serve either ice cream or cream to accompany dessert. Quite often there was a struggle to find seating and at times tables were left uncleared for sometime. Obviously a lack of staff and a lack of staff supervision. The quality of food in Angelos restaurant was ordinary. The Dragon Lady restaurant was reasonable and The Waterfront restaurant was also just reasonable. Despite being disappointed with the food overall in the restaurants the service was outstanding. The cabin crew service was faultless and they were friendly and obliging. Overall we had a relaxing and pleasant time, but, I would not cruise with P&O again.
Glrnda Mitchell travelled in June, 2018 and left the following review:
Disappointing Cruise Glenda Mitchell Thu 21/06/2018, 2:22 PM Hello, I have previously cruised with p & o in the past a few times, withina few years. I enquired at the time of booking to be told that we were not eligible for any onboard credit or loyalty rewards. I specifically booked the above cruise as my sister had not been to Isle of Pines, Mare or Mystery Island. Due to the wharf being fixed we could not go to Isle of Pines. We were then advised that we would go to Mare instead. Disappointing but accepted it. We were then informed that unfortunately the chief on Mare had passed away so we could not go there either as the island was closed. Instead we spent 2 days in Noumea, (waste of time) one of the days being a Sunday so not much open and nothing to do. Like other fellow passengers, I do not know why we could not have stayed at Mystery Island, even if it was for half a day? Many of the facilities on the ship did not work, toilets did not flush, hand basins not working, washing machines and powder dispensers out of order. Frustrating. The other issue was that depending on which staff you approached to ask a question, the answer would differ. My sister needed to catch a plane on arriving back in Sydney and was told at reception that she could not take her own bags off (to save her time), and that it was smoother for passengers to leave their bags outside the cabin the night before. My sister was not happy about this and asked that if she missed her plane if P & O would reimburse her and was told "No". You can only imagine how annoyed she was to see hundreds of passengers taking their own bags off. Why was she not allowed? Finally, there needs to be entertainment around the pool areas as this was non existent. Staff need training so that the same procedure is followed for each passenger and P & O should be rewarding past guests as other cruise lines do. Lets face it, with a booming cruise industry there has never been more choice. The most disappointing cruise I have been on I look forward to your response Glenda Mitchell
Lynette Plant travelled in April, 2018 and left the following review:
Unfortunately I did not get the chance to experience this cruise. The ship broke down. I was only on the ship for 3 hours. The ship was due to leave at 8.00pm (3 hours later than scheduled) An announcement was put over by the captain to say they were experiencing mechanical problems and the departure time would be put back further. Approx 8.20pm another announcement came over saying the repairs were going to take longer than expected. In fact they could not give a departure time at all. The Captain stated that this would mean they would not get to Moreton Island in time to experience the activities that were on offer on the Island and he could not give any idea about how long the ship would be at Moreton Island. He then mentioned that if they did not depart by 3.00am then they would not be able to go to Moreton Island at all and they would move to Plan "B' which was to sail south to Eden. I was on the cruise to specifically go to Moreton Island. I sailed south on the same trip in January. I had no interest in doing it again. I also had arrangements to meet my family at Moreton Island. Passengers were given the option of disembarking that night and receiving a full refund or remaining on board and receiving a measly $50 onboard credit. He could not give any indication when they ship would depart. I opted to disembark as I was not going to get what I had booked and paid for. This is when things went 'belly up' The only help we got was to be given the phone number of the taxi company and I had to phone them myself. It cost me $26 dollars to get a taxi to Central Railway Station, luckily I have a seniors card so the train fare was only $2.50. However at the other end it cost me another $46 dollars to get from the station to my home. I already had transport booked for a return journey on the Monday. I lost that money. I also lost money on my kennel fees as my dog was booked in for 4 nights and was only there for 2 nights. I am not sure if I can claim these amounts from P & O. I feel I should not have to claim it from my Travel Insurance. When P&O realised a number of people had chosen to disembark I don't know why they couldn't have got one of their buses, that does runs to the railway station and the airport, back to transport us. I had to lug my bags up and down stairs, on and off trains and eventually arrived at my home at 1.00am in the morning. NOT HAPPY I was also not allowed to leave the ship before settling my onboard account which had an amount from the Spa. I said to the receptionist that they had my card details and why could they not do the same as they had done previously and deduct the amount from my account after disembarking. Last time I didn't even have to go to reception before disembarking. This took the girl considerable time as she didn't appear to know what she was doing. It also took her considerable time to find the number for the taxi. Surely they would have this number 'front and centre'. I have since had an email from Carnival ............ who evidently handle the payment of passenger's invoices asking for payment. The deduction sat in my account as 'payment pending' for over a week and then suddenly disappeared. Why had they not taken the money out ? I have not received my refund yet. As I paid my money the day I booked the cruise which was back in January and they had that money for 3 months they could at least have decency to refund it back immediately.
Michael travelled in April, 2018 and left the following review:
Overall we had an enjoyable holiday Cabin was small but clean and functional with a comfortable bed and large shower Cabin stewards were friendly and efficient, tidying the room and bed every time we left the room Restaurant staff were very friendly and attentive Food and choice was good but most dishes were covered in too much sauce/jus Entertainment crew were average and cruise director was reliant on deputy and assistants Off-Shore activities good but in Port Vila, the 'glass bottom boat and snorkelling tour' was bad with tour leader disinterested
Jenny travelled in April, 2018 and left the following review:
Hello, thankyou for the amazing comedy cruise the Easter long weekend. It was my first time on a cruise and i was impressed with so many activities, the music around the pool, the room service twice a day, nice buffet and to top it off hilarious and passionate cruise directors Rory and Jacinta If i could give you some feedback it would be 1. Let everyone have a booking included at the three restaurants..angelo..wf and dragon lady. I couldn't book any of them it was all booked out which seems unfair we didn't get any chance and was told sorry just walk away 2. Have an usher work the maequee room because people left seats wasted behind the wall and 1 seat gaps between people when it could be enjoyed 3. Write how long the activities are for.. are they all just 1 hour max? Or more or less? 4. Stick up arrow signs to help which way to black circus or marquee and nearest toilet 5. Sell the photographs for $20 a pack 6. Cut down on the variety in the buffet choices a add in more dark green or more vegetables e.g. i was so happy to eat some spinach that was in the breakfast offering on the 2nd day 7. Have a policy where people can't just lay there towels on the sun chair and bags it for hours so I'm left stranded without a place to rest on And alot of empty sun chairs with noone on it I hope you reply and let me know what changes you will consider =) regardless i have recommended your cruise to all of my friends! Cheers Jenny
Recommend travelled in March, 2018 and left the following review:
Firstly a big thank you for each member from the crew. Had an amazing time.
Chris travelled in March, 2018 and left the following review:
Well maintained cabin, very attentive steward. Not difficult to get table at The Pantry, with better-than-expected decent food. Nice breakfast & lunch at Waterfront. Great food at Luke's if not mind paying a bit extra. Reasonable price for internet access. More movies playing at Big Screen would be preferred.

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